Any city the world over is difficult to get around if you don’t have the first idea where you’re going. This is normal – how are you supposed to understand the public transport system of a city that is totally alien to you?

Obviously, research is the way forward, and putting in some time to check our your options is the way forward. Having said that, most cities have a very well-developed system to help commuters get around the city. Hong Kong is no different.

Packed with huge skyscrapers, amazing food, massive shopping malls, and some of the most recognisable skylines you will see anywhere in the world. Hong Kong is an experience like no other.

Hong Kong Island is where most visitors venture to, and this is where those aforementioned skyscrapers are, as well as the touristy fare which most people visit for. If you want to get amazing views across the city then head to The Peak and check out the panorama! Obviously, you want to know how to get around in the first place, and whereas there is that amazing public transport network to try, how do you get from the airport to your hotel? Well, you could hire a taxi and take your chances with the price, or you could really up the ante with your visit and hire a limo instead.

This is not as expensive as you are thinking, and it is certainly one of the most luxurious and easy ways to get from A to B!

Another part of the city which is certainly worth a visit is Kowloon. This is to the north of the island and the views here are equally as great as those found on The Peak. Kowloon City is another must visit, and here you will find some of that delicious cuisine this part of the world is known for. You can also visit Wall City Park and enjoy the entertainment, as well as Tsai Park, which has an amazing swimming pool for families to splash away during the hot, humid days.

Hong Kong is one of those cities that is best explored on spec, because you will see something amazing at every turn. Of course, it’s certainly a good idea to do some research ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on something that you really want to see, but overall, this is a city that can be adventured and explored by the first-time visitor, with a packed camera memory card at the end of it!

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