Certain destinations on the planet are iconic; simply saying their name brings up images of beautiful sights and experiences to have, and Mexico is certainly one of those destinations. Idyllic, beautiful, party-mad, full of natural sights, and packed with culture, Mexico is on many a bucket lit.

Whilst many people think of Cancun first of all, there is another resort which rivals the most famous one, and in some cases, is even more fantastic. Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo for short, is located on Baja California Sur, right at the southern portion. This makes it ideal for watersports, fishing, surfing, and for everything related to the Great Outdoors.

From Los Cabos vacation rentals, to huge named hotels, there is a base for everyone, and with so many activities on offer, this is not a destination that will bring boredom to the table!

Cabo is full of variation, which is probably what calls out to such a huge range of visitors who return year after year. There are all inclusive resorts, plentiful dining options, top class golf courses, and as we mentioned, a huge number of outdoor activities on offer too. It’s hard to believe that prior to the early 70s, Cabo was a quiet fishing town, with very little in the way of tourism. When the airport was expanded to welcome international flights in the late 70s however, everything changed, and Cabo is now Mexico’s second biggest destination, after world famous Cancun.

The best time to visit Cabo? Basically anytime! During November to February the visitor numbers are high, because this is the time of year when temperatures are still high, but you’re not going to experience the searing temperatures of earlier in the summer. If you’re an avid whale watcher, then March is the time for you. It’s worth noting however that Cabo experiences a tropical desert climate, so that means temperatures during the evening can still be very high, with very little chance of rain. From July to September there is a chance of adverse weather, due to passing or direct hurricanes, but preparedness is key in this area, and warnings are likely to be far in advance.

In terms of where to go in Cabo, there are three main areas. The Old Town is also known as San Jose del Cabo, and this is the closest area to the airport. This is where you will find plentiful resorts, and much of that old-fashioned Mexico culture and charm that everyone knows and loves. Cabo San Lucas is the main part of the city, and this is where the biggest nightlife is situated, as well as that famous rock arch in the sea, El Arco. Golf lovers should be heading to The Corridor, because this is where some of the best championship courses can be found, as well as top class luxury resorts.

No matter where you go, it’s important to get out and about an explore the natural area surrounding you. The nightlife however is what many people enjoy about Cabo, and it has a reputation as being a little wild at times! There is something for everyone however, with quieter cocktail bars if you prefer a laid-back feel, sitting in stark contrast to the loud clubs that some other people may enjoy instead. Why not mix it up however!

We keep mentioning the outdoors, and Cabo is most famous for fishing in particular. The city is located in an area of the ocean which is rich in big sport fish, including marlin and sailfish, to name just two. This is because the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet here, and the nutrition in the water is particularly special. We also mentioned whale watching, and you can jump on a boat trip and check out these majestic creatures from January to March, with the early part of March being the best time to spot.

Be sure to check out Lands End, and remember your camera for this one too. This is an area of jaw-dropping rock formations, and when the tide is low, it is possible to walk along certain parts of the rocks – you’re also sure to see a few sealions sunbathing too!

Watersports are plentiful, as you would expect from an area on the coastline, with scuba diving and surfing two very popular choices. As you head along the East Cape Road, you will find beaches which are best for surfing, because of the swell in this area, so if you’re a keen surfer, or you want to learn, be sure to check this out.

Of course, it’s not all about sports and the great outdoors, as there are many ways to get a glimpse into history too. The Church of San Lucas is a must visit, which dates back 300 years and is extremely well preserved. On top of this, the Cultural Centre will give you beautiful views over the city, gardens to wander around, and a tall tower which dates back many years.

Put simply, a visit to Cabo is a varied event, and something which will not leave you wondering what to do next. From checking out the Great Outdoors, partying ‘til dawn, shopping, playing golf, walking, hiking, beach time, and venturing into the ocean for some splish-splash fun, your vacation will be a varied one, and it is sure to leave you wanting to plan your return quite soon afterwards!

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