When you purchase a new pair of glasses, you probably don’t give too much thought to anything other than what you’re going to look like when you wear them. Of course, cost probably comes into it, as well as getting the right prescription for your actual visual needs, but overall, how you look is always going to be your number one concern.

These days however, we need to be much more mindful of everything that is going on in the world, not just the way we rock our new glasses, a new outfit, or how our new shoes look. The planet is damaged before our eyes, and if we can all do one tiny good deed each, we stand in a much better position to possibly reverse the damage that has been done already.

You might be wondering where glasses comes into this, but when you purchase a pair of Oh My Woodness! Designer glasses from Vision Direct, you’re not only doing your bit for your image, but you’re also doing your bit for the environment too.

For every single pair of this specifically designed range of glasses purchased, a tree will be planted in either Haiti, Madagascar, or Nepal, some of the most badly damaged areas in terms of deforestation. Teaming up with the non-profit organisation, Eden Deforestation Projects, this initiative aims to turn back the damage clock on some of the most important ecological areas on the planet. For instance, Madagascar is home to over 200,000 different species of wildlife and plants, which are indigenous and not seen anywhere else on the planet. Of course, deforestation is threatening most of these species, and now only 10% of the original forest area remains. For every single pair of glasses purchased however, one tree will be put back into the soil, where it belongs, and that will be a good deed that you have done, majorly upping your karma points!

The range of glasses available is large and there are some seriously funky designs available as part of this initiative. So, when you’re looking for your next pair of glasses, and you’re bored of the same old, head online and try something new, whilst also helping the planet right the wrongs we have done to damage the precious landscapes on Earth.

Major karma points, major appearance boost – what could be better?

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