Satisfying everyone’s preferences on a family holiday whilst staying on budget can be tricky but ultimately it is a very rewarding experience. There are so many destinations out there that offer families a wonderful mix of ancient historical sites, stunning beaches, and unique cultural experiences. If you’re looking into planning your family holidays and are wondering where to head, here are a few destinations that you’re bound to enjoy.


Mexico is not only home to North America’s most stunning beaches, but it also features an array of breath-taking historical sites, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza, with its famed Mayan ruins. Whether you simply want to relax along the beach or are looking to get out and experience all the delicious tastes, aromas, and sounds of Mexican culture, you’ll quickly find that this country is full of both beautiful sites and kind people.


There are few places in the world that are home to the vast amount of pristine beaches and quaint seaside towns that can be found on the islands of Greece—and not to mention historical sites that date back to Hellenic and Neolithic times. With its delicious food, mix of white sand, black pebble, and volcanic beaches, along with its laidback and friendly atmosphere, Greece is a destination the whole family will love.


Turkey is a country that has everything. For the beachgoers there is the Antalya coast, also known as the turquoise coast for the colour of its serene waters. For history fans you’ll find some of the world’s most important archaeological sites, such as the Ancient City of Troy—whose epic story of love and war will also entertain the children. And finally for those after a dizzying cultural experience, the city of Istanbul is replete with great places to visit like the Grand Bazaar and the Hagia Sophia.


Barcelona is a mezmerising place for people of all ages. Discover famed parks like Gaudi’s Park Guell, the winding streets of the historical Gothic Quarter and the architectural masterpiece of the Sagrada Familia. On top of this, you’ll discover amazing beaches both in town and in the north of the city on the Costa Brava. Along with these great sites you’ll be able to taste some of Europe’s most delectable food.

If you’re looking for places to have a special family holiday, each of these great destinations will provide their own unique and fun adventures for a great family adventure.

Image by Barry B’s Photography used under Creative Commons License.

Eric Fraser is a holiday rep and travel blogger originally from Sussex in the UK.

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