Holidays would be so much easier if we could pack everything we might possibly need while we’re away. Unfortunately, the restrictions on luggage mean that we have to be quite strategic with our packing. Adding to that, when you go to such fabulous locations like Venice the temptation to fill your case with the best in Italian chic can be overwhelming, and no one wants to end their holiday with huge excess baggage charges (if you even have any money left after your shopping spree). Therefore, you need to only pack essentials and don’t be tempted to do anything silly to smuggle extra items on board your Venice flights!

Passport and documents

If you need to be reminded to bring them you don’t really deserve to go away but make sure they are in your hand luggage and easy to get to! It is also worth noting most countries will require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport before entering their country, so you have more than enough time to get back home, should the worst happen.

Health kit— a bag full of things you hope you won’t need

Make sure yours has all the basic first aid supplies, and if you want to go outside at in the evening you will need mosquito repellent — you will thank us later!

Choose your clothes wisely

Venice is a stylish city so you will be forgiven for sneaking your most stylish clothes into your suitcase. However, you should just stick to a few essentials.

Boots that are made for walking (or shoes if your prefer)

You’ve probably read about the gondolas and the water taxis and have an image of floating romantically around the city. In reality, if you want to take in all that Venice has to offer you will be doing a fair amount of walking too so good quality (comfy) footwear is essential.

Tops are not an optional item

It should go without saying that you should go out fully dressed, but we all know that one person that takes their clothes off at the first glimpse of sunshine, which in a beach or pool environment is fine. However, in Venice, this is frowned upon, and so men and women alike need to make sure they have a top for every occasion.

A lightweight layer that is easy to carry around is also recommended. The climate in Venice can catch you out and many of the places you might visit, e.g.unheated churches, can be a bit on the chilly side.

Your wits

Now here’s the good news — something you can bring without taking up precious room in your case. It is only natural to shop in, arguably, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. However, beware of street vendors, tourists have been fined up to 1000 Euros for buying a fake designer handbag, save your money and shop like an Italian, no one truly stylish would be seen with a 7 Euro handbag anyway.

Venice flights may be fairly short but if you are sat next to a snorer it’s going to feel like a lifetime! Having some ear plugs handy in your health kit will avoid your holiday starting with the desire to cause harm to fellow passengers

Photo Credit: Tourists like us via photopin (license)

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